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Turnkey services and custom workflows integrating simulations and data

Turnkey services and custom workflows integrating simulations and data

Materials Cloud is a web platform built to enable the seamless sharing and dissemination of resources in computational materials science, offering educational, research, and archiving tools; simulation software and services; and curated and raw data. These underpin published results and empower data-based discovery, compliant with data management plans and the FAIR principles. Full FAIR-compliant archiving and visualisation of materials data on the Materials Cloud is shown in the schematic.

Scientific results can be shared on the Materials Cloud to make them

  1. Comprehensive, so that users can share not only the input/output files of your calculations but entire workflows and provenance graphs;
  2. Downloadable, so that users can download individual files or entire databases at the click of a button;
  3. Browsable, so that users can browse and query calculations directly from a web browser; and
  4. Repurposable, so that users can download and import any database and start their calculations from where the original authors left off.


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