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DOME 4.0 Ecosystem Ontology source files


This folder contains the source of DOME 4.0 Ecosystem Ontology and its alignment to the Elementary Multiperspective Ontology (EMMO). The DOME 4.0 Ecosystem Ontology includes the concepts needed on the DOME 4.0 platform to integrate multiple web-based sources of data and services. This ontology is used by core components of the DOME 4.0 platform, as the front-end user interface (e.g., the available filtering options and fields for registration), the semantic broker and connectors to other platforms.


- `dome-core.ttl` file: The DOME 4.0 ecosystem ontology
- `alignment/` directory: Alignment to the EMMO
- `scenario/` directory: Individuals, as platforms and their properties


This material corresponds to the release of 29th November 2022, v1.0.0 of DOME 4.0 ecosystem ontology (versions are indicated in each source file individually).


License is indicated in each file individually.


The authors acknowledge funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 953163, Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem 4.0 (DOME 4.0).


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