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Semantic Αnalytics of Μanufacturing Αssets

Semantic Αnalytics of Μanufacturing Αssets

Smart manufacturing aims at plants with fully computerised and automated production processes. Such degree of automation requires constant analytics manufacturing assets that includes monitoring, diagnostics, and optimisation of production assets such assembly lines and manufacturing robots. Reliability of analytics results heavily correlates with the completeness of data used for analytics thus the information integration becomes one of the key challenges. The proposed showcase will show how this can be addressed by relying on the DOME 4.0 data marketplace.

This will be achieved by combining BOSCH industrial data that include data from sensors deployed in production assets and reporting various characteristics including temperature, state, and errors in operation with assets’ master data capturing engineering specifications and descriptions of manufacturing processes partially acquired via the DOME 4.0 platform. This data acquisition will cut the time for preparing such data onsite and improve the quality and reliability of analytics results.


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