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Polymer Additives for Corrosion Protection

Polymer Additives for Corrosion Protections



Polymer additives are used to obtain polymeric materials with functionalities tailored to the application, such as corrosion protection. The resulting materials need to meet specifications such as low toxicity, thermal stability, moderate curing conditions, low water solubility, non-acidity and rheological properties to be matched with material and process requirements. This showcase aims at bringing together data from different sources (simulation, security regulations, material data sheets, experiments) and linking them to data analysis tools that make it possible to easily select the additives that will make a polymer material meet the specifications for a target-oriented product design.

To this end, workflows will be created which allow accessing, analysing and visualising the input data in a seamless way in order to facilitate the selection of materials in the design process of a product. In particular, the following data will be made accessible and will be processed within the DOME 4.0 ecosystem: chemical data (e.g. molecular weight, structure); physio-chemical data (e.g. pH value, colour, viscosity); data from MSDS (e.g. Hazard Category); experimental data from salt spray, combined salt water and fogging test, current density potential curves, REM/EDX (energy dispersive X-ray Analysis), XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy); modelling data from Dissipative Particle Dynamics such as micelle formation, and parameterisation data for modelling (e.g. force field parameters, A parameters).


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