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Main Objectives

Main objectives

DOME 4.0 entails two main parts:

  • Core technology developers including platform, ontologies and interfaces with other marketplaces and data spaces.
  • Services development to connect the data providers with the data consumers to help demonstrate nine business-to-business (B2B) showcases in the materials and manufacturing domains.

These two parts of DOME 4.0 shape the objectives of the project as follows:

  • To develop a state-of-the-art digital open collaborative marketplace ecosystem that connects with existing marketplaces, DBs, KBs, OSPs and OTEs, by using metadata and a widely agreed ontology for semantic interoperability.
  • To offer an efficient and friendly user experience to data providers and owners for the purpose of data population as well as to data consumers on the basis of secured and trusted data transactions.
  • To establish and demonstrate a data governance structure within the ecosystem to adhere to FAIR data principles, including data provenance and sovereignty.
  • To employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as linked data, semantic knowledge graph, and machine learning algorithms, e.g., classification, clustering, specifically in combination with digital twins, multi-objective optimisation, uncertainty propagation, etc. in order to enable value addition and monetization of extracting, analysing, processing and re-using data.
  • To test and demonstrate nine B2B showcases based on data sharing and usage, thus delivering the required target of at least five success stories based on key performance indices (KPIs).
  • To develop ready-to-use training material and user manuals for the usage of DOME 4.0, including its data documentation and B2B best practices.
  • To develop an exploitation strategy and business model for the maintenance, operations and sustainability of DOME 4.0 beyond the funding period.
  • To establish collaboration with existing data platforms (e.g. Call ICT-13-2018-2019, DT-NMBP-20-2018) as part of the widely agreed ontology and with respect to the selected B2B showcases.
  • To engage with innovators and young talents via three bespoke hackathons, including a high-impact Industry Commons Ecosystem (ICE) Lab in order to tap into new market insights, develop and test novel business models.
  • To collaborate with OntoCommons (NMBP-39-2020-CSA) and related initiatives in order to determine and adopt standardized data documentation, including the widely agreed ontology.
  • To assess and demonstrate a system level Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 for the ecosystem as well as the nine individual B2B showcases. The showcases also offer measurable indicators of the TRL progression of the developed ecosystem and will help demonstrate the achievement of the expected impact as required by the Call in facilitating rapid and wide adoption of DOME 4.0 by the European stakeholders.
  • To offer an open collaborative network of data platforms where each data provider, data consumer, data platform and data hub is an equal citizen.


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