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Exploring the DOME 4.0 Web Platform

Exploring the DOME 4.0 Web Platform

As a Digital industrial data ecosystem, the DOME 4.0 Web Platform is designed to revolutionize how businesses share, access, and utilize data. This platform enables easy sharing of business-to-business (B2B) data, which in turn helps in value generation and the development of new or enhanced products, processes, and services. Open to all data providers and consumers, DOME 4.0 enhances interoperability, discoverability, usability, and sharing of data, applications, and other online assets by making use of semantic ontologies.



Key Features of the DOME 4.0 Platform

Easy to Use Graphical User Interface

The user-friendly interface of the DOME 4.0 platform simplifies the registration process for data providers, consumers, and tools/services, as well as making data search and management straightforward.

To facilitate easy registration of data catalogs, data sources, and tools/services, the platform provides user-friendly registration forms. Also, with one click of a button, registered users can view a list of registered data providers and detailed information about each provider. Similarly, information on various tools and services available on the platform is accessible, offering insights into their functionalities.




Data Search and management

The DOME 4.0 platform offers data search and management capabilities. Users can search for data using various filters and with search results providing metadata, data, and provider information. Additionally, if a dataset is compatible with a registered tool or service, users can open the data in that tool for management or visualization. For instance, data can be directly opened in AiiDAlab, if it's compatible for further analysis.



Machine-to-machine data querying

For machine-to-machine data querying, users can utilize DOME 4.0-specific query URLs to extract data from one or more data sources. To keep the data secure and ensure that only authorized users access the data, the DOME 4.0 platform provides access keys which are crucial while searching with these URLs and for integrating automated systems with the DOME 4.0 platform. These Access keys, which authenticate and authorize data access, can be generated from the DOME 4.0 web platform under the user profile section.

Data Provenance and Sovereignty

The data provenance and sovereignty feature ensures a reliable record of data origin and applicable licenses. In the DOME 4.0 platform, this is achieved by using Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology.

Practical examples: Showcases

The DOME 4.0 platform also features showcases that highlight specific use cases. Users can explore these showcases to understand the practical applications of the platform.

The DOME 4.0 Web Platform is a solution for businesses looking to utilize data effectively. Its features that connect data providers with consumers make it an asset. Whether you are a data provider or consumer, DOME 4.0 offers a comprehensive platform to meet your data sharing and utilization needs.


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