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DOME 4.0: Pioneering the Industry 5.0 Transition at the Second Global Workshop

DOME 4.0: At the Second Global Workshop

The DOME 4.0 project had the privilege to be represented by the consortium at the Second Global Workshop which was organized by the OntoCommons project. This hybrid event was held in Oslo, Norway, from 13 to 16 June, providing a platform for experts from around the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the transition to Industry 5.0. The Second Global Workshop organized by the OntoCommons project was a milestone event for the DOME 4.0 project. By participating and actively contributing to the discussions, the consortium reaffirmed its commitment to shaping the future of manufacturing. The workshop served as a platform to learn from other industry experts, share experiences, and explore synergies with complementary projects.


Addressing the Industry 5.0 Transition:

DOME 4.0 made its mark at the workshop, with Dr. Amit Bhave, and the project coordinator from CMCL representing the project and showcasing its marketplace and cutting-edge technologies as well as the results of the "Towards Materials and Manufacturing Commons - the enablers Digital Marketplaces, FAIR Principles, and Ontologies" event. This served as an ideal platform for Dr. Amit Bhave to highlight the significant contributions of the DOME 4.0 project emphasizing the importance of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data and ontologies in enabling seamless collaboration and innovation within the manufacturing sector.

DOME 4.0: 1

During the event, other members of the consortium, including representatives from SINTEF, UNIBO, UKRI, BOSCH, and GCL, delivered engaging presentations focused on the Marketplace Demo, the Berlin Workshop, and other aspects of the DOME 4.0 project. These presentations showcased the capabilities of the DOME 4.0 project and its potential to transform the industry through its innovative marketplace.

DOME 4.0: 2

Apart from presentations, multiple talks and a poster were dedicated to the various use cases and components of the DOME 4.0 project. The consortium members shared insights into the project's technological advancements and shed light on how DOME 4.0 can empower manufacturers to embrace the transition to Industry 5.0 successfully. The event fostered intense and interactive discussions on critical topics such as ontologies, standardization, and innovation, providing a valuable opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

DOME 4.0: 3


About the event:

The second edition of the Ontology Commons Global Workshop promises to be an engaging event with new speakers from the industrial sector. This workshop provides a platform for valuable feedback on the OntoCommons Roadmap, aiming to harmonize ontology-based interoperability. The Ontology Commons Toolkit EcoSystem (OCES), with its pluralistic approach to multiple Top Level Ontologies, seeks to align with industry requirements and address the challenges of Industry 5.0.

DOME 4.0: 4

The workshop facilitates effective dialogue between the materials and manufacturing domains, recognizing the critical role of materials science in product design and manufacturing. By enhancing communication and data interoperability, the workshop strives to create sustainable, efficient, and competitive industries. This includes optimizing product design, reducing waste, and improving the overall efficiency of materials characterization, modeling, and manufacturing processes.

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