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DOME 4.0 Industrial Engagement Open Day and Hackathon 17-19 January 2023, Bologna, Italy

DOME 4.0 Industrial Engagement Open Day and Hackathon 1

DOME 4.0 Industrial Engagement Open Day and Hackathon on 17-19 January 2023, Bologna, Italy

DOME 4.0 project aims to develop a multi-sided digital ecosystem marketplace catering to heterogeneous data, tools, and data services applicable to materials, manufacturing, and wider sectors.

We are organising a public event comprising an Industry Open Day (17 January 2023) along with the first Hackathon (18-19 January 2023). We are also partnering with the SimDOME project, which has created a semantic Open Simulation Platform for Materials modelling, and this will be featured in the event during a dedicated session.


Industry Open Day

The Industry Open Day entails speakers from a wide range of industrial organisations covering applications from steel making, fast-moving consumer goods, battery materials to recycling. The event also includes panel discussions along with a tour of facilities and an exhibition.



The hackathon comprises four thematic sessions, with the general theme of Ontologies and data sharing:

Session 1: vocabularies, Taxonomies and Serialisation

There is a spectrum of knowledge systems ordered by semantic precision. We will talk about vocabularies, taxonomies, and ontologies to build knowledge graphs. These standards will enable pivotal features by using known terminology from different scientific domains. The W3C RDF standard allows for such conceptual 'content' to be serialised in many ways, notoriously w3C JSON-LD, acknowledging FAIR practices by design.


Session 2: Top-Level Ontologies, Mid-Level Ontologies, and Industry Commons

The theme for the Session 2 is Top- and mid-level ontologies and industry commons. The session initiates with an overview of ontologies within the industry commons initiatives and covers guidelines for creating ontologies. The practices and benefit of semantic enrichment of data vocabularies and schemas will be shared, followed by problem (solving) covering the FAIR (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) monitoring of data.


Session 3: SimDOME – Materials and Manufacturing

SimDOME project is about developing a semantic Open Simulation Platform (OSP) for materials modelling. Our collaborators in SimDOME project join us in this session to demonstrate the development undertaken in SimDOME, including ontology-based frameworks, platform components (SimPhoNy OSP Architecture and UI, SimDOME SDK, wrappers and engines).


Session 4: Data Sharing and Ontologies

This session is about how to share your data. We look at this from two different perspectives. The first being generic; how to share your data with the help of ontologies. The second is more concrete, where we use the international data spaces technologies to exchange data.


The event will take place at the premises of BI-REX (Via Paolo Nanni Costa 20, 40133 Bologna, Italy).


Want to know more?

Register your interest in the event, by following the link.

Please find the agenda in the following links for the Industrial Engagement Open Day and the Hackathons.


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