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DOME 4.0: Reducing Maritime Emissions with Cross-Domain Interoperatbility

DOME 4.0 on Digital Twin Cities Conference

At the recent Digital Twin Cities Conference, hosted by DTCC, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dr. Amit Bhave, coordinator of the DOME 4.0 project, presented a showcase on enabling cross-domain interoperability to assess the impact of maritime emissions on local air quality for port cities like Singapore and Southampton. This innovative project aims to develop a digital solution that utilizes multiple domain ontologies and agents for atmospheric pollutant dispersion software, powered by The World Avatar™, to accurately measure and predict the effects of maritime emissions on air quality in port cities.

The Need for Cross-Domain Interoperability

The impact of maritime emissions on air quality is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive understanding of various factors, including fuel types, ship emissions, weather patterns, local architecture, and ship locations. Traditional approaches to assessing air quality have relied on limited data sets, often lacking the cross-domain insights necessary to accurately evaluate the impact of maritime emissions.

DOME 4.0 Project: A Digital Solution for Air Quality Measurement

The DOME 4.0 project addresses this challenge by employing a digital solution integrating multiple domain data sources, including fuel types, chemistry, emissions, weather, ship locations and types, local architecture/buildings, and atmospheric pollutant dispersion models. This integration enables the project to develop virtual air quality (AQ) sensors that can predict and monitor air quality in port cities.

DOME 4.0 Project: A Digital Solution for Air Quality Measurement

Impact of Cruise Ships on UK Coastline

The development of this digital solution was spurred by a recent newspaper article highlighting the pollution caused by cruise ships along the UK coastline. The article raised concerns about the potential health impacts of these emissions, particularly for residents living near ports and coastal areas.

The World Avatar™: A Powerful Tool for Air Quality Modeling

The DOME 4.0 project utilizes The World Avatar™, a large-scale, 3D digital representation of the Earth, to provide a realistic and detailed representation of the environment around ports and coastal areas. This enables the project to accurately simulate the dispersion of pollutants from maritime sources and assess their impact on air quality.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Cleaner Port Cities

The DOME 4.0 project represents a significant step forward in our ability to measure and predict the impact of maritime emissions on air quality in port cities. By enabling cross-domain interoperability and utilizing The World Avatar™, the project has developed a powerful tool that can be used to inform policy decisions and improve air quality in these critical urban environments. As we strive for cleaner and healthier cities, innovative projects like DOME 4.0 hold immense promise for addressing the challenges of maritime emissions and protecting the health of residents and ecosystems.

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