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DOME 4.0: 6th GA Meeting in London

From 4th to 6th June 2023, the 6th General Assembly Meeting of DOME 4.0 took place in London. This physical meeting provided an opportunity for the consortium members to meet face-to-face at the premises of University College London (UCL) since the last GA Meeting in Galway, Ireland. Among the key highlights, the work package leaders, through informative presentations, reported the progress achieved so far. During the meeting, the consortium was focused on the progress on the technical aspect of DOME 4.0 as well, the development of the 9 showcases, and the planning of the next Hackathon and the Industrial Engagement Open Day.

DOME 4.0 - 6th GA Meeting London 1

Sharing Progress and Activities

Since the last GA Meeting in Galway, the DOME 4.0 consortium has been working on their respective tasks and work packages. The meeting in London served as a platform for work package leaders to present their progress and discuss the next steps that will be developed for the next period. These presentations shed light on the remarkable advancements achieved in various areas, showcasing the collective effort and dedication of the consortium members.


A Focus on Showcases and Future Events

One of the main focal points of the GA Meeting was the discussion surrounding the 9 showcases of DOME 4.0. These showcases are intended to demonstrate the potential and practicality of the project's outcomes in different domains. The consortium members engaged in fruitful discussions, brainstorming ideas on effectively presenting these showcases and creating maximum impact.

DOME 4.0 - 6th GA Meeting London 2

Future Steps and Project Completion

As the GA Meeting progressed, the consortium members engaged in detailed discussions regarding the next steps for each task and work package, focusing on the timeline leading up to the project's completion. The meeting provided a valuable opportunity for participants to align their efforts, address any challenges, and establish a clear roadmap for the remaining duration of the project.


A Glimpse into UCL's State-of-the-Art Labs

Towards the end of the first day, the consortium members were treated to a tour of UCL's state-of-the-art laboratories. This visit provided an opportunity to witness the latest advancements in technology firsthand. The tour showcased the cutting-edge research and development being conducted at UCL, highlighting the institution's commitment to innovation and its collaboration with the DOME 4.0 project.

DOME 4.0 - 6th GA Meeting London 3


DOME 4.0 - 6th GA Meeting London 4DOME 4.0 - 6th GA Meeting London 5

The 6th GA Meeting of DOME 4.0 in London was a resounding success, offering a platform for collaboration, progress updates, and stimulating discussions. The meeting's physical nature allowed consortium members to establish stronger connections and foster a sense of unity. With the progress reports, discussions on showcases, and the planning of future events, the consortium has set the stage for continued advancements and successful completion of the DOME 4.0 project. The tour of UCL's laboratories provided a glimpse into the cutting-edge technology driving innovation in the project. As the project moves forward, the consortium remains committed to pushing boundaries and driving the digital transformation of the industry.

DOME 4.0 - 6th GA Meeting London 6


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