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DOME 4.0: 2nd Review Meeting of DOME 4.0

DOME 4.0: 2nd Review Meeting of DOME 4.0

On January 25th, the DOME 4.0 project had its 2nd review meeting, at the premises of Netcompany-Intrasoft in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting was held in person and served as a crucial checkpoint to evaluate the progress made during the project's second phase, spanning from M19 to M36.

DOME 4.0 - 2nd Review Meeting 1

The meeting brought together key stakeholders, including WP leaders, the Project Officer from the European Commission, and an external reviewer who was responsible for assessing the work conducted over the last 18 months of implementation, evaluating achievements, challenges, and overall progress.

The evaluation of the project's development was completed with success. This can be attributed to the seamless communication among partners, guided by a harmonized, involvement approach which led by the Coordinator, Dr. Amit Bhave. This collaborative ethos has been instrumental in steering the project towards its goals, fostering alignment across work packages, and ensuring a unified vision.

DOME 4.0 - 2nd Review Meeting 2

As the consortium reflects on its progress and looks ahead, it does so with a sense of purpose and determination. The meeting served as a catalyst for the progress of the project and commitment, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of the consortium in navigating complex challenges. With the groundwork laid and lessons learned from the initial phase, DOME 4.0 is now poised to tackle the ambitious objectives set for the upcoming period.

DOME 4.0 - 2nd Review Meeting 3

The discussions and insights obtained from the 2nd review meeting underscore that the consortium is well-prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As the project enters the next phase, the consortium stays dedicated to its purpose with a common goal, the success of the project.

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