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Cooperation and Scalability Objectives

Cooperation and Scalability Objectives

The DOME 4.0 consortium aims at channelising the wide range of learnings from participations in existing marketplaces (e.g. VIMMP, MarketPlace, MARKET4.0, etc.), OSPs (NanoDome, SimDOME, etc.), business decision support system (BDSS) and open translation environments (FORCE, COMPOSELECTOR, OntoTrans etc.) projects and networks (e.g. European Pilot Projects Network - EPPN) towards delivering the state-ofthe- art DOME 4.0. To achieve scalability via cooperation, the project entails active engage with European Commission (EC)-supported initiatives and collaboration instruments throughout the course of the project and beyond. For example, the Industry Commons Manager within DOME 4.0 will manage the partnership with NMBP-39-2020-CSA (standardised documentation of data), cooperation with Industry Commons Foundation (via collaboration on hackathons) and other relevant initiatives and Associations. Engagement with external parties will also be strengthened through an External Advisory Board (EAB) comprising members from International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), EOSC projects, large industrials, as well as SMEs active within the industrial data and knowledge economy.



These integration and cooperation activities of DOME 4.0 offer a balanced approach for scalability and sustainability by:

  • Consolidating the existing marketplaces, OSPs, OTEs, BDSS, DBs, KBs, networks, etc. into knowledge assets.
  • Adopting ontology-based data structures, as established in the OSP projects to avert the semantic pitfalls.
  • Achieving scalability through connectivity and cross-domain interoperability, while managing data provenance and security.
  • Equipping the proposed approach with data analytics, querying, reasoning and inference attributes of AI as, deployed in OTEs and BDSS projects.
  • Ensuring consistency, data and software interoperability by embracing standardised data documentation.
  • Adopting FAIR data principles in cooperation with International Data Spaces (IDS), Research Data Alliance (RDA), EOSC, Industry 4.0 and Industry Commons.


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