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AiiDALab platform is avaliable on available on the Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem (DOME 4.0) project

AiiDALab platform is avaliable on DOME 4.0 project

AiiDAlab is a web platform that enables computational scientists to package scientific workflows and computational environments into “apps” and to share those apps with their collaborators and peers. The platform represents the culmination of a decade of work and Initially started by materials researchers at the EPFL, Switzerland. Now, AiiDALab platform is available on the Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem (DOME 4.0). The goal from the beginning was to bring complex scientific modeling workflows into the hands of non-experts, in a way that is user-friendly and accessible. AiiDALab achieves this by providing a browser-based graphical user interface that does away with the need for any knowledge of programming, databases, or setting up modeling codes on high-performance computing resources. Instead, the user is presented with ready-made workflows that have sensible default parameters and extensive error-handling capabilities covering a range of atomistic modeling tasks, including the ability to run quantum mechanical simulations to determine material properties.

dome-aiidalab 1

Exposing AiiDALab on the DOME 4.0 platform has opened the door to a number of exciting use cases. DOME 4.0 brings together materials' data from numerous sources, making it trivial to query hundreds of thousands of atomistic structures in one search. Sources that provide data that is compatible with AiiDALab are recognized by DOME 4.0 and the user is presented with a one-click solution to export the chosen material to AiiDALab which will visualize the atomistic structure, and give the user the opportunity to launch quantum mechanical calculations to determine the material's basic properties. The ease of this workflow is just one example of how, by connecting data sources and simulation services, DOME 4.0 can bring powerful tools to new audiences.

dome-aiidalab 3

A further feature of the DOME 4.0 platform is the bringing together heterogeneous sources of data together in one search. For example, DOME 4.0 already has a connector to MARKET 4.0 which exposes data on industrial equipment for the processing of materials. This means that a user searching for aluminum will not only see the links to AiiDALab allowing them to simulate material properties but also links to suppliers of industrial machines for processing the material itself. This bringing together of various marketplaces, data repositories, and platforms lies at the core of the DOME 4.0 mission and demonstrates how showcases can mutually reinforce each other and create value through the DOME platform.

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