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5th GA Meeting of DOMe 4.0 Project and a Joint Workshop with the OntoCommons

The 5th GA Meeting of DOME 4.0 Project and the Joint event with the OntoCommons

The 5th GA Meeting of the DOME 4.0 project was held in a hybrid mode between 29 – 30 November 2022 in Galway, Ireland. The two days meeting took place at the premises of the Data Science Institute (DSI) which is a dedicated research institute and the host of the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at the NUI Galway.

DOME 4.0 - 5th GA Meeting


The consortium during the first day of the meeting discussed the progress towards the targets achieved so far per work package and reviewed the work performed since the last meeting in Cambridge.


DOME 4.0 - 5th GA Meeting 1


Moreover, the presentation of the platform was performed, and the feedback of the EAB members was shared with the rest of the consortium. Additionally, the partners discussed core issues and challenges that had arisen until the meeting and planned the next steps for the second reporting period.


DOME 4.0 - 5th GA Meeting 2


The members of the consortium continued their discussions on specific topics during the second day of the meeting and focused on significant areas that need to be developed in the next months.


DOME 4.0 - 5th GA Meeting Consortium


The joint workshop of the OntoCommons and DOME 4.0 projects was held at the PorterShed premises on the 30th of November 2022. The OntoCommons presented the Linked Open Terms methodology (LOT) which is used in some demonstrators of the project and consists of an industrial method for developing ontologies and vocabularies. The coordinator of the DOME 4.0 project Dr. Amit Bhave presented the project as well as the Showcases. Subsequently, a demonstration of the platform was performed by the technical experts of the project.


Joint Workshop of DOME 4.0 and OntoCommons Projects


During the event, the two projects had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and explore future joint activities.


Joint Workshop Consortium


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